Brian Kost

Brian Kost
Workplace Possibilities Senior Director

If you’re looking for Brian Kost on any given weekend, peek inside his kitchen window. He’s most likely perfecting a tasty Italian dish for his grandchildren to taste test. Or, he’s putting in a roll of film and taking nature shots.

A recipe rock star and amateur photographer by night, Brian is the Workplace Possibilities Senior Director by day. He’s been with The Standard since 2007 and was instrumental in creating the program that exists today. As part of the Workplace Possibilities team, Brian continues to identify future enhancements for the program. In his day to day duties, he implements and coordinates several on-site programs that allow employees to get back to work more quickly and maintain productivity. He also develops and maintains the metrics that monitor companies’ successful Workplace Possibilities programs.

Brian has more than 30 years experience in vocational rehabilitation services and holds a master’s degree in career and guidance counseling. He also is a certified rehabilitation counselor and certified ergonomist.

Posts by Brian Kost

The importance of documenting employees’ job functions

Wouldn’t it be great if life came with clear pre-written expectations? Fortunately, jobs usually do. Developing job descriptions, however, isn’t always a clean-cut process. Many employers struggle with developing job descriptions, as they think it’s not worth the time or effort. However, developing a job description is an important aspect of a company’s approach to […]

Writing job descriptions: three questions to help ensure success

Coming up with a list of all the necessary requirements for an employee to perform a job might not sound too difficult. Take, for example, an employee who works in manufacturing. Heavy lifting is likely an important part of the job, and belongs in the job description. But, how much do they have to lift […]

Considerations for navigating return-to-work situations

Navigating an employee’s return to work after a disability leave can be complex. There can be many unknowns, including what questions you can ask the employee about his or her condition, what needs to be put in place for a successful return, and, one of the most important things, when an employee can actually return […]

You’ve selected a disability carrier. Now what?

The hard part is over. You’ve selected a disability carrier and you want to make sure your organization makes the most out of your new plan. But, there’s still work to do to ensure that your disability management program starts off on the right foot. I’ve been in dozens of implementation meetings and have learned […]

How one employer helped reduce mental-health-related disability leaves

A recent study by the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry showed that the economic burden of depression has increased to over $210 billion per year.1 Not only is depression in the workplace a huge financial cost, it also takes a toll on both the affected employee and his or her coworkers. In his latest blog post, […]

Three ergonomics tips for remote employees

Desks have been adjusted to be just the right height. Chairs have been fitted for each employee. Ergonomic mice, keyboards and keyboard trays are practically everywhere you look in your office. By doing this, you’re helping to ensure your employees have a safe work environment, which includes decreasing the chances of musculoskeletal issues, such as […]

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