Brian Kost

Brian Kost
Workplace Possibilities Senior Director

If you’re looking for Brian Kost on any given weekend, peek inside his kitchen window. He’s most likely perfecting a tasty Italian dish for his grandchildren to taste test. Or, he’s putting in a roll of film and taking nature shots.

A recipe rock star and amateur photographer by night, Brian is the Workplace Possibilities Senior Director by day. He’s been with The Standard since 2007 and was instrumental in creating the program that exists today. As part of the Workplace Possibilities team, Brian continues to identify future enhancements for the program. In his day to day duties, he implements and coordinates several on-site programs that allow employees to get back to work more quickly and maintain productivity. He also develops and maintains the metrics that monitor companies’ successful Workplace Possibilities programs.

Brian has more than 30 years experience in vocational rehabilitation services and holds a master’s degree in career and guidance counseling. He also is a certified rehabilitation counselor and certified ergonomist.

Posts by Brian Kost

Four ways to make reasonable accommodations a reality

It’s no secret reasonable accommodations are a win-win for employees and employers. Not only can they help employees work more comfortably, boost productivity and minimize missed work due to medical leaves — but accommodations also can serve as tangible evidence of an organization’s commitment to its employees’ well-being. Despite the inherent benefits they offer, reasonable […]

How do you decide who can work remotely?

Telecommuting is a fast-growing trend, evidenced by the fact that 3.7 million employees work from home at least half of the time.1 Just consider your own work habits for a moment. Chances are, you have a laptop you can easily take home with you. Maybe you’re even reading this blog post on the mobile phone […]

What’s really impacting your employees’ health and productivity?

Proactively addressing employee wellness as a way to promote better quality of life for employees and minimize future impacts on productivity is finally getting the attention it deserves. Whether it’s implementing wellness programs, working with your EAP provider or offering annual health screenings — workplace wellness strategies are hot topics. And, these conversations show no […]

Accommodations: It’s not just about the chair

As a disability consultant, I’m one of the first to help employers realize that employees with chronic pain — or another type of disabling illness or injury — can benefit from workplace accommodations, such as a chair. The chair is an important part of the puzzle to help an employee’s productivity, depending on his or […]

Three ways employee healthcare costs add up

As you know, hiring a new employee costs much more than the salary or wage they’re offered. Although employee benefits make up part of that equation, employees attending to health issues can contribute to increased costs. When employees take time off to attend to their health concerns or attempt to work through an illness or […]

Terminate or extend leave? Tips for difficult return-to-work situations

You’re at a crossroads with an employee leave. You don’t know when this individual plans to return to work. You’re uncertain if you can retain this employee. Now, you need to make some choices about terminating the employee or extending the approved leave. What route do you choose? I’ve met with a number of employers […]

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