Brenda Smith

Brenda Smith
Disability and Productivity Consultant

Growing up in a small Alaskan town instilled a love of the outdoors and an independent spirit in Brenda Smith. Her tight-woven community also exposed her to the ramifications of job loss and disability and the toll they can take on a family. This empathy for others led her to the field of human resources, where she gained experience in benefits, staffing and overall operations.

Her insights into the benefits world and background in customer experience led her to work with the Workplace Possibilities℠ team as a disability and productivity consultant. In this role since 2014, Brenda helps insurance advisors implement the Workplace Possibilities program with employers. She also investigates the best options for ergonomic equipment vendors to implement employee accommodations and on-boards consultants who help support The Standard’s customers.

When not at work, Brenda spends time with her husband, two children and dog, tests healthy recipes or watches college or professional football. She and her family also volunteer their time at the Oregon Food Bank.

Posts by Brenda Smith

Start helping employees now through stay-at-work accommodations

While meeting with one of our customers recently, I had a conversation that could only be described as an “aha” moment. The HR manager was surprised to know that before a claim is even filed, disability management programs, similar to the Workplace Possibilities℠ program, can help an employee who is experiencing a disabling condition. Implementing […]

Why it’s important to shift your thinking when accommodating employees

As a former HR manager, I know the internal struggle you may often face when an employee experiences a medical condition at work. Because of your training, you’re hyper-focused on treating employees equally. From hiring practices to benefits administration, you know the parameters and federal rules that have been established to ensure your organization isn’t […]

5 tips for better partnership with medical providers

Medical providers are a critical partner when implementing workplace accommodations for an employee’s return-to-work or stay-at-work plan. They have first-hand knowledge of an employee’s medical condition and can provide details about any limitations and restrictions that need to be put in place to enable that person to return to work. Typically, medical providers share this […]

How to choose the right ergonomic equipment vendor

When considering an equipment manufacturer to help with an ergonomic accommodation, there seems to be an endless number of options. It may seem easy to select a piece of equipment — like a chair  —but there’s an art to finding the right piece, then educating an employee on how to best use what you’ve ordered […]

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