Emma Ortiz M.S.

Emma Ortiz
Workplace Possibilities Consultant

Emma Ortiz’s proudest moments happen when she can be an advocate for employees. As a Workplace Possibilities consultant, this is a regular occurrence for Emma.

Prior to joining The Standard, Emma spent nearly two decades providing assistance to disabled employees through counseling, as well as ergonomic assessments and analysis.

When she is not working, Emma spends her free time with her family. She has two boys and a big extended family (six siblings and 11 nieces and nephews, to be exact). Emma, her husband and their children love to travel, and they recently visited France and Canada.

Emma holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from California State University-Fullerton and a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling from California State University-Los Angeles.

Posts by Emma Ortiz


Success story: Helping an employee adapt to a serious medical condition

The sudden onset of a disabling illness or injury, especially a severe one, can result in a number of emotions — not just for an employee, but the employer as well. For an employee, adjusting to a new life with a medical condition can be challenging to process and discuss with others. As an employer, […]

The 3 Cs of return-to-work communication

A common misconception about a workplace accommodation is that it involves providing an employee with a new chair or an ergonomic keyboard. This simply is not the case, as many return-to-work or stay-at-work efforts involve a mental health need. In fact, I recently assisted a 34-year-old employee return to work after a short-term disability leave prompted by depression and anxiety.

VIDEO: Integrated approach enables successful return to work

As a Workplace Possibilities consultant, I find that being successful in helping an employee stay at or return to work relies heavily on an integrated approach. In my video blog, I talk about how I worked directly with one employee’s supervisor, HR team and doctor to help the employee return to productivity.

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