Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith
Workplace Possibilities Practice Consultant

Jeff Smith is passionate about helping employees return to work. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Stout with a degree in vocational rehabilitation, he has spent the last 30 years working in the workers’ compensation and disability management field.

Ever the forward thinker, Jeff is continually looking at ways to improve the Workplace Possibilities℠ program to provide new and better services for both employers and employees. He shares the benefits of the program with new and existing clients, creates white papers and writes case studies to help make a difference for employers who are looking to be more successful in managing employee absence and disability.

Outside of work, you can find Jeff exploring new places with his wife and dog, out for a run or golfing. He is an avid fan of the Green Bay Packers, and has carried his love for the Pack from his hometown in Wisconsin to wherever he has lived since.

Posts by Jeff Smith

Three ways to counteract presenteeism, the modern productivity dilemma

Whether it’s allergies, chronic back pain or grueling migraines, health conditions don’t just plague employees while at work; they can also result in productivity and financial losses for employers. As we’ve mentioned before, this phenomenon is called presenteeism and it isn’t limited to any particular workforce. A recent Global Corporate Challenge study revealed that an […]

Workplaces need to go further to address employee mental health

As you may have heard, a CEO’s supportive response to his employee’s need to take a mental health day recently went viral. Public reaction to this story was widespread and positive, with many calling the CEO a trailblazer in how mental health issues are seen in the workplace. While this instance is a positive step […]

Help employees avoid feeling labeled

Living with an illness, injury or chronic condition can be challenging enough for anyone. But, when you consider that many people also must deal with these conditions in the workplace, the situation may feel impossible. At work, many employees can feel labeled by their medical condition, thinking that others — whether it’s fellow co-workers or […]

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