Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson
Workplace Possibilities Manager

Kelly Anderson has always been one to do things with others in mind — her idea of relaxing after a long day at work is to cross-stitch gifts for family, friends and co-workers. Her caring nature transfers over to her professional life, too. Working as a registered nurse for over 30 years in oncology and in the operating room, Kelly’s contribution and commitment to her field doesn’t go unnoticed.

Eventually leaving the patient care side of things, Kelly came to The Standard as a nurse case manager supporting the short- and long-term disability teams. She transitioned to working as a Workplace Possibilities℠ coordinator and medical lead in 2011, supporting numerous clients across the country. In her current role as a manager of the Workplace Possibilities program, she oversees the Workplace Possibilities coordinators, contributes to various groups and uses her insights in the medical field to provide top-notch support to her team. She enjoys the collaborative nature of her current role and loves being in contact with clients and coordinators alike.

Kelly dedicates her free time to caring for her two cats and tending to her flower garden. She likes to stay active by playing tennis, and brings her energy and enthusiasm to endeavors on and off the court.

Posts by Kelly Anderson

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Whether it’s to help alleviate back pain or decrease neck and shoulder stress, many employers think that a certain piece of equipment, such as a sit-stand desk, is a cure-all ergonomic solution for every employee’s medical condition. While a sit-stand desk can alleviate many health conditions, it may not be the best solution to help […]

Success story: cancer is no match for a team return-to-work effort

There are those exceptional employees whose dedication to your organization is unwavering, no matter what personal challenges they face. Even in the midst of a life-threatening illness like cancer, these individuals will do whatever it takes to remain productive in their roles. But that doesn’t mean they can do it on their own. Assessing the […]

Success story: a tailored plan for an employee with cancer

No two employees are the same. The same can be said about cancer diagnoses. For employees fighting cancer, the accommodations and support each employee may need will vary greatly based on his or her unique medical condition, treatment plan and numerous other factors. That’s why Workplace Possibilities℠ consultants carefully evaluate each employee’s individual situation before […]

How to help an employee with cancer return to work

Unlike other medical conditions, determining how long an employee will be absent from work due to his or her cancer diagnosis can be tricky because there are so many unknowns. While some employees may be able to stay at work throughout their treatment, treatment plans can often vary from a few weeks to several months […]

Workplace Possibilities coordinators: your behind-the-scenes helpers

We often talk about our Workplace Possibilities program consultants who provide stay-at-work and return-to-work intervention for employees in need of assistance. These consultants are on the front lines with your HR team, assisting in making workplace accommodations a reality so employees can stay productive at work, or return to work as soon as medically able. […]

Get the most out of your disability program

In today’s hectic world full of hard deadlines, quick turnarounds and the ever-present desire for a work-life balance, certain things tend to be put on the back burner. For some HR managers, it’s a lunch break. For others, it could be staying up to date on something that often occurs behind the scenes, such as […]

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