Sandy Witt, M.Ed., CRC

Sandy Witt, M.Ed., CRC
Disability and Productivity Consultant, Workplace Possibilities Program ℠

Sandy Witt could write her blog posts in French if the mood strikes her.

She says she spent her 20s “finding herself,” and along the way she “found” degrees in French, speech pathology, and guidance and counseling. Also a travel lover, Sandy has been to France, England, Mexico and Italy.

She also learned how to work with substance abuse clients, assist injured workers and design ergonomic training programs for supervisors. When she’s at home base she takes those skills and applies them to her disability and productivity consultant position with The Standard. By meeting with employers and understanding their culture and needs, she matches on-site specialists with employers. She oversees services that help injured and ill employees stay at work or return to work as soon as possible. Sandy’s even got the stamp of approval to do it all – as a certified rehabilitation counselor.

When she’s not planning her next trip or studying French phrases, Sandy likes to bury herself in a good mystery novel or crossword puzzle, as well as create homemade greeting cards and jewelry.

Posts by Sandy Witt, M.Ed., CRC

Addressing health conditions in the workplace with manager training

Recently, a survey we conducted found 53% of employees were too scared to bring up their health condition with a manager, while only 29% said the same of working with HR.1 On the other hand, 73% of employees felt that HR knew how to support them, while only 61% said the same of their managers.1 […]

Making the case for return-to-work support

It’s easy to focus on how a specific piece of equipment or a schedule modification can help make a difference for an employee who may need assistive support in the workplace. But, when looking at disability duration — or the amount of time an employee is out of work because of his or her disabling […]

Success story: creating a supportive and inclusive workplace

Employees can become injured. It’s a common fact of life. Getting employees who have been injured back to work in a way that is safe and helps increase their productivity is what’s not always as common, but extremely important. It’s also critical that these employees aren’t labeled by any limitations they may have in their […]

Success story: moving from feeling powerless to empowerment

Health complications can greatly impact an employee’s ability to work. Some health issues are physical in nature, and therefore, more visible. However, some health issues aren’t as apparent and can still limit a person’s ability to focus at work. Mental health conditions often affect thinking, mood, behavior and how an individual socially interacts with others. […]

When vendors cooperate, everyone wins

Picture this: one of your employees is obese and engaged in your wellness program to help manage their weight loss. During a meeting with your company’s wellness coach, the employee starts to complain of back pain because his or her desk chair doesn’t support his or her weight. This problem with a workstation triggers an […]

Changing the company culture around accommodations

Recently, I was talking with a colleague about how far one company we work with has come in building a culture that supports employees who are dealing with a medical condition at work. Lack of a plan When we first started working with this company, there was no formal plan in place to help an […]

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