Sandy Witt, M.Ed., CRC

Sandy Witt, M.Ed., CRC
Disability and Productivity Consultant, Workplace Possibilities Program ℠

Sandy Witt could write her blog posts in French if the mood strikes her.

She says she spent her 20s “finding herself,” and along the way she “found” degrees in French, speech pathology, and guidance and counseling. Also a travel lover, Sandy has been to France, England, Mexico and Italy.

She also learned how to work with substance abuse clients, assist injured workers and design ergonomic training programs for supervisors. When she’s at home base she takes those skills and applies them to her disability and productivity consultant position with The Standard. By meeting with employers and understanding their culture and needs, she matches on-site specialists with employers. She oversees services that help injured and ill employees stay at work or return to work as soon as possible. Sandy’s even got the stamp of approval to do it all – as a certified rehabilitation counselor.

When she’s not planning her next trip or studying French phrases, Sandy likes to bury herself in a good mystery novel or crossword puzzle, as well as create homemade greeting cards and jewelry.

Posts by Sandy Witt, M.Ed., CRC

Transitional work agreements: return-to-work solutions for employees

For an employee on a disability leave, returning to work is a huge step forward in their recovery. Not only does it signal that his or her health is improving, but it also signals a return to “normal” life. However, some employees may want to return to work, but might not be able to take […]

Four tips for successful employee accommodations

We’ve discussed the accommodations process at length recently, and how managers play a crucial role as your eyes and ears for issues. But, of course, this process wouldn’t make it past the starting line without your expertise and support. As a disability and productivity consultant, I’ve worked with many HR professionals over the years on […]

Road map: three ways management can play a role in the accommodations process

Even though your passion as an HR representative is advocating for employees, you may not have the daily face time you need to identify employees in need of assistance early on, or know enough about an individual employee’s job duties to help with a return-to-work or stay-at-work plan. That’s why it is important for you […]

Engaging management for successful accommodation outcomes

At its core, the Workplace Possibilities℠ program aims to help identify employees in need of potential assistance, such as a workplace accommodation, early on. As we often discuss, this approach is good for all involved, not only because the employee gets the assistance he or she needs to help with their medical condition before it […]

Intermittent leave: Separating fact from fiction

For some HR managers, there can be gray areas surrounding how to properly help employees who are using intermittent leave. You might find yourself wondering what you can and can’t ask employees in regard to their health. Or you might not know how you can work with a disability carrier to implement accommodations — or […]

Commentary: 25 years of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Last week marked the 25-year anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). After our first thought — wow, how time has flown by! — we both were equally struck by how far society as a whole has come to making sure employees with disabilities are accepted in the workforce. In 1990, the ADA was […]

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