Considerations for your biometric health screening

If you want to reduce costs associated with your employees’ health care, where do you start? Companywide health screenings can be a great way to better understand the needs of your employees and arm them with information they need to lead healthier lives. In turn, this can result in more productive employees and potential cost savings for your company.

If a health screening is your first step, there are a variety of elements to consider. Here’s what you’ll need to know.

Make the most of the data
Start by having a general plan for your wellness program to understand how you want to use employees’ biometric data. If you have a health risk assessment in place, give strong consideration to selecting a vendor that can work with the existing wellness vendor to pair biometric data with self-reported health risk assessment results.

Not only will this thorough data be more actionable for employees, it’ll help you center future wellness programming around health topics that truly matter to your employees, thus potentially reducing incidence of health-related lost productivity and leaves.

Don’t neglect mental health opportunities
Health screenings and subsequent wellness programs may involve providing mental health surveys as well, to gauge levels of stress or depression in a workplace — health concerns that could cost employers nearly 3 percent of their payroll. By benchmarking incidents of these behavioral health concerns, you can offer employees the appropriate amount and type of education to potentially curb mental health-related lost productivity costs.

Ask the right questions
Selecting an on-site biometric health screening vendor can be a complex process. Here’s a short list of questions to get you started:

  • Will you provide finger stick or intravenous testing? What are the benefits of each?
  • What is your project lead time — when do you need to start planning before the event?
  • What do you have available for employees located in satellite offices?
  • What employee marketing and messaging services are included?
  • How will data be shared with us, the employer?

Consider alternatives
Don’t have the time to manage the planning and execution of an on-site screening? Don’t have the funds to offer it? Some companies request employees see their primary care doctor and have results sent to a third-party vendor, as much of what’s tested is included in a regular physical exam. For the sake of convenience, many employers offer biometric screenings on-site, but know that there are other options.

By finding the right partner for your on-site health screening, you’ll be able to capture information you need to tailor other things, such as wellness programming, to your unique workforce. It’s a valuable first step in developing a productive workforce and protecting your company’s bottom line.

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