Look to your benefits broker for wellness help

If there were a buzzword in the employee benefits space in the last few years, “wellness” would be it. Employers are paying more attention to employee health than ever before. And for good reason.

We talk a lot about employee health risks that can drive up overall health care costs for employers, and resources you can tap into to help keep your employees healthy and productive. But with new changes coming due to the Affordable Care Act, employee wellness, or lack thereof, could cost you even more down the road. How can you prepare your employees? Turn to your benefits broker.

Your broker can help more than you may think in regards to establishing and maintaining a wellness program. Consider the following ways to leverage your broker’s expertise:

Establish your program
Unsure of how a wellness program can benefit your workforce? What should you consider when establishing a program of your own? Your broker can work with you to develop a strategy based on offerings from your health and disability insurance carriers, many of which offer disease management, employee assistance programs and health coaching. In addition, a broker can help you define and set goals for your program and offer insight into what other companies are doing as well, to help you stay competitive with other employers in your industry or area.

Review and align data
Your wellness program may include goals you want employees to meet. Data from your carriers or vendors on employee participation may not be formatted in a way that allows for an apples-to-apples comparison with your metrics and goals. Connect with your broker to see if data can be packaged up in a way that’s useful to you.

Maintain and evaluate
Brokers can help determine if your program is providing a return on your investment and help analyze metrics based on employee data. They can also keep you updated on educational sessions or new materials our carriers have provided to keep you in the loop on new insights and program updates.

Your broker can be a valuable resource to help you develop and manage an effective wellness program, as they work closely with your carriers and may know of additional resources available to you through your health care or disability plans. Connecting with your broker can save you a lot of time and money, all while helping you implement a strategic wellness program for your organization.

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