VIDEO: Find ergonomic solutions without burdening HR

As a Workplace PossibilitiesSM consultant with The Standard, I’ve seen firsthand how time-consuming it can be for an HR department to handle ergonomic requests. In this video blog post, you’ll learn how I was able to help significantly reduce the burden for an HR team that was working with their facilities department and handling more than 300 ergonomic requests a year.

Workplace Possibilities is The Standard’s program for managing absence and disability and is included with group disability insurance coverage. As a result of taking advantage of the program, this particular HR team became less involved with evaluating employee needs, selecting ergonomic equipment or coordinating the delivery and installation; instead, I manage a significant portion of those tasks.

Not only does this program free up much needed time for the HR department, but we also have reported measurable reductions in disability-related costs, and the employees we’ve helped are more productive. I invite you to watch the video to learn more.

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  1. 5/13/13

    StanCorp video; very interesting!

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