VIDEO: Integrated approach enables successful return to work

As a Workplace PossibilitiesSM consultant, I find that being successful in helping an employee stay at or return to work relies heavily on an integrated approach. In my video blog, I talk about how I worked directly with one employee’s supervisor, HR team and doctor to help the employee return to productivity.

The employee’s job not only required travel but also the transportation of heavy equipment. When he developed a joint disease, it was unclear how he would be able to remain productive in his current position while he healed.

Watch the video below to see how we worked as a team to re-imagine the employee’s workplace and enabled him to return to his full work routine more quickly than originally expected.

Workplace Possibilities is The Standard’s program for managing absence and disability. This innovative program is included with The Standard’s group disability insurance coverage and takes a proactive approach to helping keep employees safely on the job or getting them back to work sooner.

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