Workplace Tools

The Workplace Tools category is often an extension of our Workplace Possibilities Center, featuring specific examples how adaptive equipment has helped employers and employees not only re-imagine the workplace, but also remove barriers to workplace productivity.
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The Ergonomics category puts the spotlight on ergonomic equipment and suggested techniques to help employees avoid workplace injuries or prevent them from reoccurring.
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Issues and Trends

The Issues and Trends category is a hub for current events, news stories and talked-about topics in the Employee Benefits world. More specifically content focuses on issues pertaining to the absence and disability management field.
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Productivity Solutions

The Productivity Solutions category showcases the overall approach companies have taken or can take during the claims process to help employees with disabilities or injuries return to work or stay at work and remain productive.
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Success Stories

The Success Stories category features real-life examples and case studies of the Workplace Possibilities Program in action.
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