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Mission impossible: Comfortable business shoes

Shoes are not just an expression of style — they can have a major impact on a person’s health. When researching comfortable business shoes for a customer recently, I was astounded to learn that the projected time off work for a procedure such as a bunionectomy can be several weeks depending on how much lifting, standing and walking a job requires, according to the MD Guidelines.1


How to reduce eyestrain in the office

Where is your monitor located? Next to a window? Under a bright light?

Did you know bright fluorescent lighting can cause eyestrain, particularly if it creates a glare on your computer monitor? Conversely, having too little light also can result in eyestrain when working with paper documents.[1]

Finding the right balance of light is an important part of an effective workstation. Unfortunately it’s a topic that is not often discussed because employers struggle with where to start. The following questions should give you some direction.

Four ways to make reasonable accommodations a reality

It’s no secret reasonable accommodations are a win-win for employees and employers. Not only can they help employees work more comfortably, boost productivity and minimize missed work due to medical leaves — but accommodations also can serve as tangible evidence of an organization’s commitment to its employees’ well-being. Despite the inherent benefits they offer, reasonable […]

Four ways to help employees with anxiety disorders

As I’ve mentioned in the past, depression can have a significant impact in the workplace, including procrastination and missed deadlines, difficulties with memory and learning, and much more. Often overlooked in discussions about depression in the workplace is that anxiety can be a related factor. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, nearly […]

The challenges with EAPs and mental health

Individuals with depression miss an average of 4.8 workdays and suffer 11.5 days of reduced productivity in a given three-month period.1 It’s no surprise that mental health issues are a growing concern for employers. Employers know they should be having proactive discussions with their employees and want to find the right solutions, but many don’t […]

Accommodations: It’s not just about the chair

As a disability consultant, I’m one of the first to help employers realize that employees with chronic pain — or another type of disabling illness or injury — can benefit from workplace accommodations, such as a chair. The chair is an important part of the puzzle to help an employee’s productivity, depending on his or […]

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