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How to advocate and accommodate

What makes your job in human resources (HR) uniquely rewarding? You have the ability — and the challenge — to advocate for those around you. You’re a champion for your fellow employees. But it’s not always easy to be the advocate you aspire to when you’re juggling a growing list of responsibilities. In our last […]

A supportive case manager and a successful mental health recovery

In recognition of both Mental Health Awareness Month and Disability Insurance Awareness Month, I want to share one of the many heartwarming mental health-related success stories we’ve gathered over the years. Mental health is one of the most-frequently filed claims, having become a prevalent condition in the workforce. Although it’s a prevalent condition, employers can implement strategies to mitigate the incidence of these types of claims.

Overcoming fear for a full recovery

For employees with a disabling illness or injury, fear often can be a speed bump on the way to a full recovery. However, for employers, an employee’s actions resulting from fear often can look like apathy, indifference — or worse — laziness.

Expertise + Individualized Attention = Success

Since the Workplace Possibilities blog launched, we’ve shared tips and examples to help manage employee productivity based on the expertise of our on-site consultants. Starting next week, we’ll be sharing even more success stories with you from our team of experts, who also assist in return-to-work and stay-at-work accommodations.

Tools and coaching come together for return-to-work success

Imagine for a moment that you’re in pain — a lot of pain. No matter how you sit or position yourself, you seem to still be hurting. You spent months on bed rest and now use a wheelchair to get around, but even though it’s progress, the progress is slow. It’s not just the physical pain that’s an issue — your disability has caused you to be emotionally drained, as well.

Can effective communication improve mental health?

Imagine if you were feeling totally overwhelmed at work and at home. Perhaps you have a lot of anxiety regarding your finances, your spouse or your children. Or maybe the demands at work have increased due to a reduction in the workforce at your company, and you have more stress than ever before.

Now consider if you were this overwhelmed and you tried to discuss it with your manager, but he or she was too busy or too distracted to listen. On the other hand, what impact could a manager have on an employee if the manager was willing and trained to help employees improve their personal situations?

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