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Mental health: Create a culture of prevention

Feeling stressed-out at work is something almost everyone has experienced at one time or another. However, if left unaddressed, it can have a profound effect on the productivity of an organization and the mental well-being of its employees.

Mental health issues can cost millions

In the current economy, every penny counts. Workplace productivity is now more essential than ever, especially because many companies have downsized workforces. As a result, employees are stretched thin and are being asked to do more with less.

Five tips for managing presenteeism

Presenteeism — the practice of coming to work despite having a medical condition — is a relatively new area of study. However, with the current economy pushing employers to do more with less, it’s an important challenge that needs to be addressed, as less productive workforces are also less profitable.

Recouping the cost of an employee accommodation

In a recent success story from a participant in our Workplace Possibilities Program, it took approximately 19 days for an organization to recoup the cost for an executive assistant (we’ll call her Jennifer) to work more productively with less pain.

Part 4: Costs and impact of arthritis-related presenteeism

A significant number of employees experience presenteeism as a result of arthritis. The disorder can affect people of all ages, and can create limitations on the work an employee can perform. To help manage presenteeism related to arthritis, below I share the cost, impact and solutions for this common medical issue.

Simple solutions alleviate allergy discomfort
at work

To think some of the scents we smell every day — perfume, soap or lunch food — could be overwhelming enough to physically disable a person might sound unbelievable. For one employee with extreme allergies caused by fragrance sensitivity, it was a very real, burdensome issue. She began to have severe reactions, which began to limit her ability to perform on the job and increase her absences. Some creative thinking from our Workplace Possibilities on-site consultant, along with suitable accommodations, steered her situation into a positive direction. See more of this story in my video below.