long-term disability

Making the case for return-to-work support

It’s easy to focus on how a specific piece of equipment or a schedule modification can help make a difference for an employee who may need assistive support in the workplace. But, when looking at disability duration — or the amount of time an employee is out of work because of his or her disabling […]

Transitional work agreements: return-to-work solutions for employees

For an employee on a disability leave, returning to work is a huge step forward in their recovery. Not only does it signal that his or her health is improving, but it also signals a return to “normal” life. However, some employees may want to return to work, but might not be able to take […]

Terminate or extend leave? Tips for difficult return-to-work situations

You’re at a crossroads with an employee leave. You don’t know when this individual plans to return to work. You’re uncertain if you can retain this employee. Now, you need to make some choices about terminating the employee or extending the approved leave. What route do you choose? I’ve met with a number of employers […]

Three questions for developing an effective individualized support plan

Over my 30-year career in rehabilitation, I’ve worked with employers in hundreds of industries, each with unique questions and concerns when it comes to accommodating their employees. As a vocational consultant, it’s my responsibility to understand each employer’s specific needs and best recommend an individualized support plan to help bring employees back to work after a disability absence or stay at work through an accommodation.

Disability insurance trends [part four]: The importance of enrollment education

Health care costs are steadily increasing, causing many employers to make adjustments to their company’s benefits offerings. Now, instead of offering employer-sponsored coverage, companies are turning to voluntary products to save money.


ADAAA mistakes: Being too fair or frugal

Employers often think employees coming back to work after a disability leave need to be 100 percent healthy to be productive. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking could cause employers to find themselves with an ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA) complaint or in hot water with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). To avoid these circumstances, employers should understand how to comply with the ADAAA.

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