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How one workforce benefited from proactive accommodations

Recently, a manufacturing client contacted the Workplace Possibilities℠ program for recommendations on ergonomic adjustments that could be made to their entire production line to help improve the way employees were working. Like most production-oriented jobs, this client’s employees engaged in repetitive movements throughout their workday, which could create potential injuries or chronic pain down the […]

Think creatively to avoid permanent disability

An assembly line employee — who was diagnosed at an early age with a severe condition that resulted in partial paralysis — was having difficulty moving to various workstations. Her health had declined to the point where she was unstable on her feet and could have risked a fall and/or other serious injury.

The value of collaboration in difficult-to-accommodate professions

Two heads can be better than one. When it comes to accommodating employees with disabling illnesses and injuries, this is especially true. Collaboration is key — on the part of the employee, employer and disability provider — particularly for professions that may have guidelines or restrictions due to the materials they are working with, daily processes or available space.


Managing back pain in industrial and office settings

In my first post on working with back pain, I talked about ways to help assess the employee’s situation and better understand his or her limitations. But once you have a grasp on how the back pain affects the employee’s ability to do work, how do you make accommodations to the employee’s work environment or job duties? There are no “one-size-fits-all” answers, but asking questions and regularly following up with the employee can lead to a more successful job accommodation.

Six questions to assess back pain

What do you do when an employee comes to you requesting accommodations because of back pain? Then, what do you do if the employee’s doctor does not give you the information you need to identify suitable, job-relevant accommodations? What are some common effective accommodations? These are some of the questions I hear regularly when working with employees and employers to accommodate back pain. In this post, I will explore ways to address these questions and begin to consider accommodations for employees.

Return to work plans: Assessing work restrictions

Identifying the right solution to accommodate a work restriction is not always obvious. Following a consistent analytical process can ensure key details are not missed, helping to avoid potential issues such as employee and employer frustration or a potential impact on employee safety. Putting the right process in place can be crucial to a successful, organized return to work plan and can help to address costs, time and confusion.

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