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Preventing musculoskeletal conditions: Part 2, manual material handling

What do you do when you occasionally need a couple of strong backs to move a 200-pound portable generator to a different part of the warehouse? What about the pallet of boxes that weigh 75 pounds each? The Council for Disability Awareness’ Long Term Disability Claims Review listed musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders as the leading case of new disability claims in 2012. This can include injuries as a result of improper lifting techniques, which can result in cartilage sprains, spine and joint disorders, and herniated or degenerated disks.

Preventing musculoskeletal conditions: Part 1, office settings

The Council for Disability Awareness listed musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders as the leading case of new disability claims in 2012. This includes such conditions and diseases as arthritis, back pain and tendinitis.

Standing up to an on-the-job injury

A woman in her 50s sustained an on-the-job injury that exacerbated some pre-existing medical conditions. The injury resulted in a workers’ compensation claim. However, the employer had already embraced a stay-at-work philosophy, which resulted in the prevention of disability-related absences, the reduction of associated costs and the employee’s ability to focus on her job, not her injury.

10 ways to avoid laptop torture on the go

If you use a laptop on a regular basis like a lot of people, I have two questions for you. Where are you when you use your laptop (on the couch, in a hotel room, at a coffee house, in bed, on an airplane)? What is the most common position you’re in (sitting up, lounging back, sitting cross-legged on the floor)?

Now think about what those positions and locations can do to your body.

5 steps to proper chair functioning

Are you one of those people who have worked for the same company for many years and have used the same old faithful chair? Have you ever thought that maybe you have become desensitized to the possibility that you are seated on an apparatus that could rival pins and needles, or a contraption seen in one of those grade-B horror films? Or perhaps you even have a newer chair but never bothered to mess will all the knobs and levers.

Either way, the five questions below will help ensure your comfort and safety at your desk.

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