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How one employer helped reduce mental-health-related disability leaves

A recent study by the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry showed that the economic burden of depression has increased to over $210 billion per year.1 Not only is depression in the workplace a huge financial cost, it also takes a toll on both the affected employee and his or her coworkers. In his latest blog post, […]

Don’t hesitate to call your disability carrier

Have you hesitated to call your disability carrier for help with an employee’s stay-at-work accommodation? We get it. As a human resources professional, you barely have any time to spare for a phone call. But helping an employee who may be struggling at work with a medical condition can help with your organization’s productivity. Here […]

Workplace Possibilities Q&A: Future leaves, wellness programs and consultants

As Workplace Possibilities’ program manager, I help implement and coordinate numerous programs to help employees get back to work and be productive. There are a few questions I hear from HR managers again and again. Although these might seem like complex issues at the surface, you may be surprised what a difference a second opinion can make.

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