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Proper ergonomics: Small adjustments, big impact

As an HR professional, you probably walk the halls of your company to say “hello” to your colleagues. And maybe you see an employee take a moment’s break from staring at his computer to rub his neck and tip his or her head from side to side. This is so common, perhaps you don’t even […]

New year, new approach to accommodations

If you’ve crafted New Year’s resolutions to be a better, bolder version of yourself, we’re challenging you to try doing a little less this year. As an HR manager, you have a full plate of responsibilities. This year, resolve to rely on your disability carrier for a variety of employee accommodation-related tasks to ensure you have the […]

Tools and coaching come together for return-to-work success

Imagine for a moment that you’re in pain — a lot of pain. No matter how you sit or position yourself, you seem to still be hurting. You spent months on bed rest and now use a wheelchair to get around, but even though it’s progress, the progress is slow. It’s not just the physical pain that’s an issue — your disability has caused you to be emotionally drained, as well.

Part 4: Costs and impact of arthritis-related presenteeism

A significant number of employees experience presenteeism as a result of arthritis. The disorder can affect people of all ages, and can create limitations on the work an employee can perform. To help manage presenteeism related to arthritis, below I share the cost, impact and solutions for this common medical issue.

Mission impossible: Comfortable business shoes

Shoes are not just an expression of style — they can have a major impact on a person’s health. When researching comfortable business shoes for a customer recently, I was astounded to learn that the projected time off work for a procedure such as a bunionectomy can be several weeks depending on how much lifting, standing and walking a job requires, according to the MD Guidelines.1

When a medical emergency turns life upside down

A 48-year-old claimant had spent his career in production. One day at work he passed out on the production room floor. He was resuscitated by paramedics and rushed to the hospital. He woke up in critical care having just undergone a bypass surgery and pacemaker insertion. It was a bad day at the office to say the least and certainly not what anyone plans.

The claimant had a long road to recovery ahead. He loved what he did, and his co-workers were like family and his primary support system, but he wondered what it would take to return to work.

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