repetitive stress

Can effective communication improve mental health?

Imagine if you were feeling totally overwhelmed at work and at home. Perhaps you have a lot of anxiety regarding your finances, your spouse or your children. Or maybe the demands at work have increased due to a reduction in the workforce at your company, and you have more stress than ever before.

Now consider if you were this overwhelmed and you tried to discuss it with your manager, but he or she was too busy or too distracted to listen. On the other hand, what impact could a manager have on an employee if the manager was willing and trained to help employees improve their personal situations?

How to avoid repetitive-stress injuries

Ergonomics. It’s almost become a buzzword in our industry. As a vocational case manager I’m trained to understand not only what it is but how to implement changes to prevent workplace injuries. In my experience, I’ve found some of the most common workplace injuries result from repetitive stress.


ZeroG moves from horror flick to the latest in assistive technology

It wasn’t developed for telescope stabilization in the world’s largest observatories. Nor was it created by Chrysler to help speed automobile production. Or engineered by NASA to compensate for a weaker Martian gravity. The truth is, the zeroG device was invented for movies such as Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” to allow operators to maneuver heavy cameras smoothly and eliminate expensive, time-consuming camera setups. And now it’s become the latest advancement in assistive technology.

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