Disability insurance trends [part four]: The importance of enrollment education

Health care costs are steadily increasing, causing many employers to make adjustments to their company’s benefits offerings. Now, instead of offering employer-sponsored coverage, companies are turning to voluntary products to save money.


VIDEO: Find ergonomic solutions without burdening HR

As a Workplace Possibilities consultant with The Standard, I’ve seen firsthand how time-consuming it can be for an HR department to handle ergonomic requests. In this video blog post, you’ll learn how I was able to help significantly reduce the burden for an HR team that was working with their facilities department and handling more than 300 ergonomic requests a year.

VIDEO: Integrated approach enables successful return to work

As a Workplace Possibilities consultant, I find that being successful in helping an employee stay at or return to work relies heavily on an integrated approach. In my video blog, I talk about how I worked directly with one employee’s supervisor, HR team and doctor to help the employee return to productivity.

VIDEO: Adaptive equipment helps employee remain productive

When I was introduced to an employee who had been suffering at work from the debilitating effects of Parkinson’s disease, I knew I could help.

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