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Success story: Helping an employee adapt to a serious medical condition

The sudden onset of a disabling illness or injury, especially a severe one, can result in a number of emotions — not just for an employee, but the employer as well. For an employee, adjusting to a new life with a medical condition can be challenging to process and discuss with others. As an employer, […]

Do you know these common vision impairments?

Consider for a moment that you have a stroke and it leads to vision loss. Depending on the location of the stroke, it can result in dim vision, reduced visual field, holes in the vision and the inability to visually comprehend or recognize objects. Adjusting to your normal life would not only be time consuming and difficult, but it likely would take a significant emotional toll. Can you imagine going back to work, much less being productive, after that?


How to reduce eyestrain in the office

Where is your monitor located? Next to a window? Under a bright light?

Did you know bright fluorescent lighting can cause eyestrain, particularly if it creates a glare on your computer monitor? Conversely, having too little light also can result in eyestrain when working with paper documents.[1]

Finding the right balance of light is an important part of an effective workstation. Unfortunately it’s a topic that is not often discussed because employers struggle with where to start. The following questions should give you some direction.

10 ways to avoid laptop torture on the go

If you use a laptop on a regular basis like a lot of people, I have two questions for you. Where are you when you use your laptop (on the couch, in a hotel room, at a coffee house, in bed, on an airplane)? What is the most common position you’re in (sitting up, lounging back, sitting cross-legged on the floor)?

Now think about what those positions and locations can do to your body.

New technologies help visually impaired reimagine the workplace

Can you imagine life after experiencing a significant loss of vision? Consider the challenges you would have to overcome to return to day-to-day living. Now, think about the obstacles you would face upon returning to work. Or is the thought of resuming your career even possible?

For one employee, these challenges were all too real. The employee, a teacher, developed a condition that caused significant vision loss.

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