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Engage employees to increase disability insurance enrollment

Health care costs are rising. How can you reallocate costs while still attracting and retaining top talent with a strong benefits package? Some employers are shifting traditional employer-paid benefits — including long-term disability (LTD) insurance — to employees as voluntary coverage.

Protect your company’s most valuable resource: employees

In recent weeks, our blog posts have highlighted workplace success stories. These examples range from offering routine ergonomic assistance to creating highly specialized return-to-work plans for employees who have suffered serious health issues. Perhaps these stories have inspired you to get in touch with our team of experts to learn more about helping an employee […]

Mental health issues can cost millions

In the current economy, every penny counts. Workplace productivity is now more essential than ever, especially because many companies have downsized workforces. As a result, employees are stretched thin and are being asked to do more with less.

Getting the work done: Preparing for the upcoming talent shortage

A few months ago, I co-hosted the Five generations. One workforce. New solutions. webinar, in which we took a close look at the upcoming challenges and impacts of the 2020 workplace for employers. My co-host, Jeanne C. Meister, author of The 2020 Workplace, discussed a number of salient predictions for how our work environments will change. Specifically, she tells us the global talent shortage will be acute for a number of reasons:

Integration is key to the future of absence and disability management

When it comes to managing employee absence and disability while maintaining productivity in the workplace, many employers still silo these workplace issues and try to treat them separately in the occupational and nonoccupational areas. For instance, employers may have a workers’ compensation program in place — but not for short- and/or long-term disability. Or employers may not be properly equipped to track and manage the several different types of absences, as well as disabilities.

The key to solving some of these workplace issues is integration.

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